Mermaid shows up to Rams' practice to greet William Hayes

11:36 PM ET

IRVINE, Calif. — The Los Angeles Rams went through what appeared to be a standard practice on Monday afternoon, and then right there, on the east side of the facility, seated just beyond the railing and underneath a white tent, was an actual, real-life mermaid, just like William Hayes said.

OK … it was a woman dressed in an Ariel costume, but still.

Hayes spoke passionately about his belief that dinosaurs never existed and mermaids are real during the second episode of “Hard Knocks” on Aug. 16. Then he defended his reasoning behind the mythical sea creature the following day by saying: “My whole theory is that we find different species in the water every day, so who is to say that a man didn’t have sex with a fish and create a mermaid?”

On Monday, Hayes got his mermaid. She even held up a poster that expressed the entire species’ love for the 6-foot-3, 278-pound defensive end.

After practice, Hayes walked over and gave her a warm embrace.

He has been waiting a long time to do that.

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