Divers decide to stay on boat when great white shark spotted stalking vessel

PERTH, Australia, Aug. 19 (UPI) — A group of divers preparing to enter the water off the coast of Australia changed their minds when they spotted a large great white shark stalking their boat.

The divers, off the coast of Perth’s Two Rocks suburb Aug. 13, captured GoPro footage of a massive shark swimming around and under their boat.

The filmer, Marek Belini, said the group had been preparing to dive when they noticed they weren’t alone in the area.

“Our friend started shouting there was a great white shark at the front of the boat!” he said.”It was scary because we could have been in the water before it came, it stayed around the whole time we were just circling the boat.”

The shark hangs around the boat for the entirety of the nearly 8-minute video.

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