Snorkler catches sharks with his bare hands off Florida Keys

ISLAMORADA, Fla., Aug. 19 (UPI) — A snorkeler off the Florida Keys recorded himself performing a daring feat — catching sharks with his bare hands and bringing them to surface.

The 28-year-old snorkler, who said he has been fishing his whole life, recorded a GoPro video of his July 26 dive down to a reef off Islamorada, where he found a nurse shark taking a rest in a small nook.

The snorkler grabs the small shark by the tail while text on the screen warns viewers, “Do not do this.”

The man brings the shark to the surface to show his friends and pose for the camera before releasing it.

The man takes a second trip down to the reef, where he catches a larger shark in his hands.

“They [nurse sharks] are usually gentle creatures and usually leave people alone but they do have teeth and are not so nice when grabbed and can do their fair share of damage if handled wrong,” the man wrote. “I caught two more after these that were much larger but we were out looking for lobster so I did not have my GoPro on me.”

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