Couple ‘reading a book’ on beach interrupt Olympics broadcast

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 19 (UPI) — A couple spotted in a “strange pose” on a Brazilian beach interrupted a BBC Olympics broadcast as the reporter attempted to explain what they were doing.

BBC Sport shared video of reporter Dan Walker in front of Copacabana beach where a man could be seen lying on top of a woman in the background.

Walker addressed questions about what the couple was doing by assuring “it’s not that, it’s just a hug.”

He quickly changed his story after apparently receiving instruction from offscreen, and suggested that the two were simply “reading a book in a strange pose” before speculating what book they could be reading.

“It’s live TV. Anything can happen!” Walker wrote on Twitter alongside a “crying laughter” emoji.

Walker had experienced the unpredictable nature of live television earlier in his Olympic coverage when a bride from a Brazilian bachelorette party wandered onto the beachside set.

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