2 BASE jumpers die in separate jumps in Swiss Alps

LAUTERBRUNNEN, Germany, Aug. 19 (UPI) — Two BASE jumpers, including one who became an Internet sensation for wearing winged “flying” suits, died in separate incidents in Switzerland.

Both jumpers died near the German village of Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps, a popular spot for free-fall jumpers.

Swiss police said Uli Emanuele, 29, hit a cliff in his dive and died. His team said he died while filming video for GoPro. BASE jumpers wear parachutes that are deployed in the final seconds of the jump.

Emanuele, who worked as a dishwasher for four years while pursuing his dream of becoming a BASE jumper, wore a winged suit that allowed him to glide as he plummeted to the ground. He often wore an action camera on his head and posted videos to YouTube. In 2015, he rocketed through an 8-foot-wide rock formation and filmed it.

The other jumper who died was a 59-year-old British man who also hit a cliff. He has not been identified.

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