Harrison: Apathetic if 'crook' Goodell key in probe

11:54 PM ET

Let the fireworks begin.

James Harrison won’t accept his NFL interview over the Al-Jazeera report without verbally sacking commissioner Roger Goodell.

Harrison, who proposed to meet with league investigators Aug. 30, said he wants to tape the event for transparency.

Sources: 3 to meet with NFL on steroid claims

Three players — James Harrison, Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers — have agreed to meet with NFL investigators over steroid allegations made in an Al-Jazeera America report from January.

Going further, when discussing the league dangling potential discipline for failing to cooperate with its investigation into alleged PED use, the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker said, “if it heads to the hands of that crook, I mean Roger Goodell, he can do what he wants.”

Hello, Roger.

On Monday night, the league released a letter threatening suspensions for four players listed in the report for detrimental conduct if they didn’t schedule an interview by Aug. 25.

Harrison maintains he has never used PEDs and is interviewing because he wants to play this year, not to make the league happy.

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