Donald Trump prepares first TV ad buy of general election

NEW YORK, Aug. 17 (UPI) — Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign is set to make its first advertising push of the general election after going dark on the airwaves since before he wrapped up the primary.

After assembling a financial team in May, which he had not required while he self-funded his primary campaign, Trump has begun receiving large numbers of small donations, leaving his campaign flush with $37 million in the bank coming into August — more than enough to make an advertising push in crucial swing states.

According to The Wall Street Journal, that is precisely the campaign’s plan in several battleground states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina. CNN reported Trump will also begin advertising in Virginia.

Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort outlined the ad buy during a conference call with about 50 lawmakers on Capitol Hill. He did not say how much money the campaign was preparing to spend or how long the ads would run.

Trump has repeatedly shot down questions about the effects of ceding the airtime battle to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, who has almost continuously aired commercials hammering Trump over his controversial remarks about women, Hispanics and Muslims. Instead of paying for TV spots, Trump has relied on earned media, doing countless interviews on cable news and network morning shows each day.

CNN reported Clinton and the top super PAC supporting her campaign have spent about $105 million on TV advertising since the primary ended in June. Trump’s campaign has spent nothing and three super PACs supporting him have spent $15 million.

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