The MMQB Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Tired of the excruciating hand cramps that come with writing down an entire fantasy football cheat sheet you found on the internet? Sick of getting fired by your employer and divorced by your spouse because you devoted the entire month of August to memorizing fantasy football rankings?

There’s got to be a better way!

And there is. It’s right here. Printable cheat sheets. I’ve updated the rankings post Preseason Week 1, both for the overall top 250 and for position-by-position. If you can’t figure out which link takes you to which sheet, then God help you, you’re in for a long season.

The Overall Top 250 here

Position-By-Position Rankings here

And if you want an ever-so-slightly outdated explanation as to why players are ranked where they are (as well as get yelled at for your league’s crappy rules), here’s the position-by-position ranking stories I rolled out two weeks ago:


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