New Zealand car thieves wind up with box of smelly weasel gland oil

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, Aug. 12 (UPI) — Car thieves in New Zealand wound up with a smelly surprise after unknowingly stealing a box full of oil from stoat anal glands.

The New Zealand Herald reports the box containing 16 small bottles of the oil, extracted from a species of weasel, were stolen from a vehicle owned by pest control company Goodnature.

“Stoat anal gland oil is extremely smelly stuff and it lingers on any fabric or surface,” company director Robbie van Dam said.

According to TVNZ, stoats are considered pests in the area and the company planned to use the oil to trap and lure the weasels.

Van Dam suspects that the marking on the box, which indicated chemicals were inside, instead lured the burglars who thought they had come across drug-making ingredients.

He added that a smelly instance of karma may befall the thieves if so much as a drop escapes from one of the tubes, as the smell can last for several weeks.

“We popped a gland in our lab a couple of years ago during research,” van Dam said. “We had fans running and windows open in the middle of a Wellington winter, and it still took weeks to go. Some staff chose to work from home for a couple of days.”


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