Florida plastic surgeon returns library book about being a doctor 40 years later

CHARLESTON, W.Va., Aug. 12 (UPI) — A plastic surgeon in Florida returned a library book about becoming a doctor 40 years after he checked it out as a student in West Virginia.

Michael Kelly, 58, told WCHS the copy of the book “So You Want to Be a Doctor” has followed him throughout his medical career after he checked it out Kanawha County Public library as a student at Charleston High School in 1976.

“It has probably moved with me 10 times during college, med school, residency, etc.,” he said. “I am extremely embarrassed that it has been checked out for so long.”

Kelly, who now owns Miami Plastic Surgery, returned to West Virginia for his 40th high school reunion to return the book and make a $500 donation to the library instead of paying a late fee.

“I’m getting off easy — we were trying to figure out what the fine would be,” he told the Sun Sentinel.

Charleston City Councilman Andy Richardson, a lifelong friend of Kelly’s, helped organize the return of the book and encouraged Kelly to give back to the community that helped him realize his dream of becoming a doctor.

“He suggested we use the donation as a ‘teaching opportunity’ for the kids in the community,” Kelly said. “I am sure the library will make good use of my donation, but more importantly, perhaps my story will inspire other kids in Charleston to follow their dreams and realize that reading is the most important pathway to success in life.”

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