Seven arrested in Pakistani baby abduction scheme

PESHAWAR, Pakistan, Aug. 13 (UPI) — Pakistani police arrested a group of doctors accused of abducting newborns to sell them to childless families.

According to the BBC, police said five women and two men, including a nurse, two health workers and an agent who arranged sales, swapped newborn babies with the bodies of dead infants at hospitals and maternity homes.

“At the moment we arrested seven members of the gang. Some of them have been serving in the public and private sector hospitals and maternity homes from where they used to abduct newborns and sell them to rich childless couples in different parts of the country,” Peshawar Police Chief Abbas Majeed Marwat told NBC News.

Mothers who had given birth to healthy babies reported being told their child had died within hours after delivery.

Once the newborns were abducted they were sold for 70,000-300,000 rupees ($650 to $2,850).

“During the initial interrogation, they informed us about other members of the gang in which some have been rounded up and efforts were underway to capture others,” Marwat said. “They admitted to have abducted nine babies from different hospitals and selling them to childless couples.”

Police raided a house in Peshawar after arresting a member of the gang and rescuing one of the abducted newborns.

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