Ryan Lochte guarantees Michael Phelps will be at the 2020 Olympics

Ryan Lochte is pretty convinced that Michael Phelps won’t be done competing after this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.

“You know what, I can definitely say that, because I guarantee he will be there,” Lochte said when The Today Show’s Matt Lauer asked if he could say that would see Phelps at the 2020 event. “I think so. I really think so, so Michael I’ll see you in Tokyo.”

Phelps has earned 22 gold medals and 26 medals overall, the latest of which came when he won the 200-meter individual medley final on Thursday.

Lochte led the race after the first 100 meters of the event, but fell behind to fifth place, losing a chance at medal.

Despite what Lochte has to say, Phelps’s longtime coach Bob Bowman said Thursday that fans should not expect to see the swimmer in Toyko.

As gold medals stack up, Michael Phelps finding closure at Rio Olympics

“I just don’t see it happening,” Bowman said. “He’s in such a good place personally. He doesn’t need it.”

Phelps is set to compete in the 100-meter butterfly on Friday night, which could be the final race of his Olympic career.

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