Maine couple find 3-foot ball python slithering in their shower

VEAZIE, Maine, Aug. 12 (UPI) — A Maine couple had an early-morning surprise when s 3-foot-long ball python was found slithering around in their shower.

Ashley Harnden said her boyfriend, Dana Kenney, was getting ready for work about 4 a.m. Wednesday when he came across the shocking surprise in the bathroom of their Veazie home.

“He came out of the bathroom and said, ‘Stay on the bed — don’t move’ and he searched around trying to find something. He didn’t want to tell me what it was because he knew I’d freak out,” Harnden told the Bangor Daily News.

However, Kenney soon was forced to admit there was a large snake in the shower and he didn’t know what to do about it.

“So he got a bat and another stick and held it down and he grabbed it,” Harnden said. She said Kenney was able to secure the snake in a mesh laundry basket.

Harnden said she remembered a neighbor was a snake owner and called the woman, Lorelei Coburn, who confirmed her python, Elsa, had escaped about a month earlier.

“I thought she was dead,” said Coburn, who was reunited with her pet. “I’ve very glad she’s home. She seems fine. She wrapped herself around my arm like she usually does.”

Harden said she isn’t sure how the snake got into her home.

“We have a cabinet under the sink in our bathroom and the only thing I can think of is that there’s a small square around where the pipes go down and she must have crawled up through. It was crazy. Who does this happen to?” she said.

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