Norwegian village without a Pokestop installs ‘Pokemon Go’ statue

VINDENES, Norway, Aug. 11 (UPI) — Pokemon fans in a small Norwegian village erected a statue to Pokemon Go in the hopes of convincing the game’s makers to correct their lack of Pokestops.

A video posted to YouTube by Sotra Anchor Chain features a man bemoaning the lack of a Pokestop — a real-world location for Pokemon Go players to obtain useful items — in the village of Vindenes.

“We don’t have any Pokestops,” the man says, “We have to walk 3-to-5 miles to the nearest one.”

The man attributes the lack of a Pokestop to the village’s lack of significant landmarks or statues, locations commonly chosen by the game’s developers.

The man then reveals the village’s solution to the problem: A 10-foot-tall statue of a Pokeball.

The video says the prime minister has been invited to visit the village for the grand opening of the statue and residents are hoping the sculpture with get the attention of game developer Niantic to have a Pokestop put in their village.

The man dubs the creation “the world’s first Pokemon Go statue,” but he may be off by one — a mystery artist or artists installed a statue of Pokemon character Pikachu in a disused fountain at a New Orleans park last week.

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