Germany eyeing tough new security efforts after recent attacks in Munich, Europe

BERLIN, Aug. 11 (UPI) — The German government is considering several new and tougher anti-terror measures as a response to multiple recent militant attacks in and near the European nation.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s top security official, said new measures are necessary to fight the spread of extremism and avert future attacks.

Among the measures under consideration, de Maizière said, is a rule to fast-track deportations for migrants found to be engaging in militant activities — and another to strip Germans of their citizenship if they are discovered to be working with the Islamic State or similar groups.

Migrants who make efforts to impede or delay deportations would instead be shipped out immediately.

“It can’t be the case that by acting brash and impertinent, a person’s stay in Germany can be prolonged,” de Maizière said.

The consideration of tougher measures was sparked by recent attacks throughout Europe — including the attacks in Paris in November, Belgium in June and two in Germany, one of which was a shooting in Munich last month. Another, days later, involved a suicide bombing in Ansbach.

The added security is the staunchest response yet from the German government since Europe became a hotbed of terrorist activity last year.

“Nobody can guarantee absolute security,” de Maizière said Thursday. “But we must do everything in our power.”

The new security package also includes measures to criminalize citizens’ demonstrated sympathy for terrorism; greater sharing of intelligence data; a closer watch on sites of the internet that are invisible to ordinary users; and hire more security officers.


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