Wichita State coach ejected after charging at refs

An exhibition game between Wichita State and McGill University on Tuesday in Montreal took a turn for the unexpected when Shockers men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall began shouting and charging toward two referees.

According to the Wichita Eagle, the confrontation began after Marshall earned a second technical foul and was ejected in the Shockers’ 77-71 win.

A cellphone video showed Marshall being restrained by Wichita State players and coaching staff as he repeatedly tried to confront the referees.

“I’m definitely not proud of my reaction to that situation, but at some point your players have to know you’re going to stand up for them and you’ve got some fight in you,” he told the Wichita Eagle. “Once I reacted, I said, ‘I might as well get my money’s worth.'”

The video showed Marshall yelling and pointing his finger, and at one point, he marched right up to the face of one of the officials.

Marshall eventually was escorted off the court by Wichita State staff amid a smattering of boos from the small crowd.

“Once Coach got kicked out, we all got in a huddle and said, ‘We need this for Coach,'” forward Darral Willis said.

Fueled by Marshall’s dramatics, the Shockers closed the game on a 21-11 run and improved to 2-1 on their four-game exhibition tour.

“I appreciate them having my back,” Marshall said.

Asked if he went too far, Marshall told the Wichita Eagle, “Perhaps. I wasn’t going to do anything physical, but I wanted to make sure they understood what I felt was happening was incorrect and wrong.”

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