Red Sox scrap ‘insensitive’ Ortiz bobblehead

4:35 PM ET

Boston Red Sox fans who attend Tuesday night’s game against the New York Yankees will no longer receive David Ortiz bobbleheads.

The team promised to distribute Ortiz bobbleheads to the first 15,000 fans entering Fenway Park prior to Boston’s game against the Yankees, but Red Sox president Sam Kennedy said he elected to postpone the promotion after doing a quality check.

“I thought the bobbleheads were an inaccurate portrayal of David,” Kennedy said. “To go further, I thought the facial features were racially insensitive.”

Kennedy said the team will now give out a new-look Ortiz bobblehead at a future date to anyone who has a ticket to Tuesday night’s game. In a statement, the Red Sox said they will announce details after the game.

The bobbleheads were more highly anticipated because Ortiz is retiring at the end of the season.

Bobblehead snafus aren’t unheard of. Last year, the Washington Nationals shelved a Jayson Werth bobblehead that awkwardly had the outfielder’s mouth wide open. Five months later, the team gave a replacement bobblehead to fans with vouchers from the original game.

In 2006, the Baltimore Orioles canceled a Brian Roberts bobblehead promotion after his face appeared too dark.

One of the most awkward bobblehead giveaways came in August 2012, when the Philadelphia Phillies gave away 45,000 Hunter Pence bobbleheads right after they had traded him to the San Francisco Giants.

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