North Korea denounces anti-Kim Jong Un leaflets sent across DMZ

SEOUL, Aug. 9 (UPI) — North Korea denounced activists in the South after a group of defectors sent 100,000 leaflets across the border that advertised a $50 million bounty for Kim Jong Un.

The leaflets sent on Aug. 6 described the North Korean leader as a “murderer and abuser of human rights,” News 1 reported.

One North Korean media service described the act as a “fatal atrocity” and vowed retaliation.

North Korean propaganda outlet Uriminzokkiri issued a warning on Tuesday against “acting blindly” while distributing “anti-North Korea” pamphlets. The activists engaged in action that called for a punishment by a “rain of fire,” the statement read.

“We will follow the great leadership of the Workers’ Party to resolutely crush the unprecedented…policy of death of the hostile power. They who have engaged in a fatal atrocity shall be astonished by our mighty power and…progress…we are moving forward as a nuclear superpower and towards the final victory,” North Korea said in the statement.

North Korea also stated political, military pressures, sanctions, “containment maneuvers” would not shake the state’s “single-minded unity.”

“A few pamphlets cannot defame the dignity of our republic,” Pyongyang said.

The media statement included a death threat, vowing to end the lives of the leaflet distributors.

“No matter where they are hiding in the world we will track them down to the end, that is the firm commitment of our army and people.”

The pamphlets included a bounty, a color photograph of Kim Jong Un and strong denouncements of his rule.

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