‘Prison Break’ actor Robert Knepper rescues Canada goose

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 5 (UPI) — Former Prison Break star Robert Knepper and his wife helped rescue a distressed Canada goose while visiting Vancouver.

Knepper shared a collage of photos to Instagram detailing the discovery and eventual rescue of the goose, which he spotted struggling to fly as he drove past a McDonald’s.

“The goose tried to take flight but couldn’t quite clear the top of an oncoming car and was clipped underneath. He/she fell to the street and hobbled back to the Macdonald’s [sic] flower bed,” he wrote.

The couple then turned back towards the McDonald’s in hopes of assisting the distressed goose. When they arrived, a transit supervisor named Chris Berg provided Knepper with a pair of gloves to handle the goose while his wife went inside the restaurant to get a large box.

“I threw my hoodie over the goose. We put the goose in the box and drove it to the nearest emergency animal clinic,” Knepper said.

Animal clinic staff said the goose would be sent to the Wildlife Rescue Association for treatment.

Knepper said he shook out his jacket upon returning to his hotel and found a lone goose feather, which floated gently to the floor.

“I’d like to think it was a sign from the goose saying, ‘Hey, thanks for taking the time to help out some body who took a wrong turn.'” Knepper wrote.

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