HOFer Favre’s quotes are billboard material

As one of the most entertaining quarterbacks of all time, Brett Favre took us on a roller coaster journey throughout his 20-year NFL career.

Favre’s voyage to football greatness transcended his play on the field and wouldn’t be complete — or as illuminating — without his many memorable quotes. As he takes his last step to crossing the Pro Football Hall of Fame threshold, here’s a look at a few of the old No. 4’s most famous words.

The 33rd overall pick parlayed his second-round status into a lengthy pro career, so his appreciation for the game should come as no surprise:

Here, Favre explains the secret sauce to his NFL longevity (in his own unique way, of course):


We know how you feel, Brett. Haters ‘gon hate — and then ask you for tickets to the game:


Loyal to the END:

Thing about loyalty, though, sometimes it ends and you do what you gotta to do:

No matter what, you can never question Favre’s passion for the game. While his body said go, his heart said no, making his goodbye easier said than done:

Congratulations on your induction, Brett. We’re confident your wise (and always entertaining) words will be felt in the football world for years and years to come.

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