Personal stick drawings by Olympians doing their sport

The talents of the members of the U.S. Olympic team are well-documented. So for a change, we gave them a real challenge and asked them to draw themselves competing in their respective sports.

Simone Biles


The judges would appreciate Simone’s sharp, clean lines. And her face says it all — Biles really does make doing backflips on a beam look like this much fun.

Tony Azevedo

Water Polo

The U.S. men’s water polo captain is competing in his fifth (!) consecutive Olympics, but we have a hunch this is his first self-portrait.

Elizabeth Beisel


Imagine Beisel making this face as she smokes the competition in the 400-meter individual medley.

Sue Bird


Bird believes she can fly. Yup, just went there …

Kassidy Cook


In diving, form is everything, so Cook was not messing around with her portrait.

Casey Eichfeld

Canoe slalom

Is that a wave or the Loch Ness monster?

Missy Franklin


While it’s interesting that Franklin drew herself soaring above the water, we’ll give her bonus points for (kind of) making a fish face.

Madison Kocian


Regardless of whether Kocian is doing the uneven bars or lifting weights in this picture, she’s a boss.

Ryan Lochte


Looks like Lochte even surprised himself with this image.

Aly Raisman


Who you calling old? The 22-year-old Raisman and two-time gold medalist is considered the “grandma” of the U.S. national team, but you wouldn’t know it from this pic.

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