Indianapolis police officer ‘just snapped’ in shooting fellow cop

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 5 (UPI) — Indianapolis police officer Adrian Aurs said he “just snapped” when he shot another officer who was investigating a possible domestic violence incident between Aurs and his wife, court documents indicate.

Aurs, 42, arrived at his estranged wife’s apartment about 10:30 p.m. July 29 to find his wife talking to fellow officer Robert Pearsey. Aurs fired three shots, hitting Pearsey in the right elbow and side. Pearsey returned fire but missed Aurs.

“I lost it, I just snapped,” Aurs said shortly after his arrest, according to court records.

Aurs, a 17-year decorated officer, is facing attempted murder and other related charges. He appeared in court Thursday, where prosecutors filed new charges that include pointing a firearm. He unsuccessfully argued to lower his $200,000 bond.

Court documents show the couple fought the evening on July 29, when he pushed his way into his wife’s apartment and slapped the phone out of her hand as she tried to call 911. The couple separated seven months ago and are getting divorced. He later told police he was angry she allegedly wouldn’t let him see their two children, ages 8 and 2.

Pearsey was taking a statement from Aurs’ wife when he arrived. After Aurs fired shots at Pearsey, he threatened to shoot a neighbor and held the gun to his own head.

“I want to see my kids one more time,” Aurs told the neighbor, according to the documents. “I shot my friend.”

Aurs took off in his truck, calling his wife’s father to say, “he was sorry and he wanted to kill himself.”

Early Saturday, Cincinnati police spotted Aurs’ truck and pulled him over. Aurs initially barricaded himself in the truck, but then turned himself in. Police found a Glock 27 in the vehicle. He was extradited to Indianapolis. A trial is set for Oct. 3.

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