Men share handshake after golf course brawl

GOLDEN, Colo., Aug. 4 (UPI) — A fight caught on camera between two men on the Fossil Trace Golf course in Colorado abruptly ended with a handshake.

Witness Justin Abrams shared video of the scuffle with as he said the two men began shouting expletives and throwing punches at each other after one group of golfers felt the group in front of them was moving too slowly.

Video shows the two men, dressed in orange and blue respectively, swing at each other until the man in blue can be seen landing a left handed punch to the other man’s face. After a few more seconds of posturing, the man in orange offers a handshake and the two men appear to go their separate ways.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening,” fellow witness Kevin Hu told ABC 7. “It’s a golf course, man. It’s golf. You like hit a ball into a little hole and drive around in a cart and you have a couple beers that’s what you do.”

The course released a statement, condemning the actions of the two men involved in the brawl.

“As a premier golf course in Colorado, Fossil Trace does not condone the actions recently taken by a pair of players following play after the final hole,” the statement said. “The golf management was made aware of the situation shortly thereafter but those involved had already left without further incident.”

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