Seattle Mariners give David Ortiz a truly unique sendoff

12:09 AM ET

Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz played one of his final regular season games in Seattle on Wednesday night, and the Seattle Mariners made sure it would be a night to remember.

Before the first pitch Seattle honored Big Papi by presenting him with, among other things, 34 pounds of salmon and Ortiz’s original contract with the Mariners, the first professional team he signed with in 1992.

They also threw a fish around the field and dressed up in Flava Flav costumes.

There’s a backstory that helps explain the fish tossing, but the Flava Flav connection is a bit more confounding. Perhaps it’s due to Ortiz’s propensity to sport rather large chains around his neck?

Regardless, good on the M’s for managing to spice up Ortiz’s already immensely interesting farewell tour.

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