Adorable bear cubs cool off in water-filled backyard planter

PASADENA, Calif., Aug. 3 (UPI) — A pair of California bear cubs were caught on video escaping from the summer heat by playing in a water-filled backyard planter.

Sainty Wang and Carlos Chavez recorded from behind a sliding glass door at their Pasadena home Tuesday as the two bear cubs took a dip in the planter, which was being used as a birdbath in their back yard.

Wang and Chavez said the mother bear was keeping an eye on her cubs from nearby.

The video ends with the bears leaving the planter and running out of the yard.

Bears have frequently been escaping the summer heat this season with dips in residents’ pools. Police in Arcadia, Calif., shared video of a bear swimming in a full-sized back yard swimming pool, while a Minnesota resident captured a photo of a bear relaxing in a kiddie pool that may have been a few sizes too small for the brawny bruin.

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