Sales of pocket Constitutions spike after Khan-Trump feud

NEW YORK, Aug. 2 (UPI) — Sales of the pocket versions of the U.S. Constitution have soared in the days since Khizr Khan waved his copy at the Democratic National Convention last week, according to

The Constitution became a best seller after Khan, a Muslim-American lawyer and Pakistani immigrant whose son was killed in Iraq, challenged Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to read one of the founding documents of the nation, and offering to lend Trump his personal copy.

The moment began a high-profile feud between Trump and the Khan family in the days since the convention. But it was also sent sales of a pocket-sized version of the document soaring.

A $1 version is sold on Amazon, but the site also sells a just-under-$5 version similar to what Khan held up. It’s published by conservative group the National Center for Constitutional Studies and Monday it was second on the best-seller list behind Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Other groups have seized the moment and are selling or simply giving away copies. The American Civil Liberties Union said it has received 40,000 orders for the document since Friday.

Lorraine Kenny, head of marketing for the A.C.L.U. now hopes to get a copy of the Constitution into every home in America. “And it would be great if people actually read it.”

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