Drug lord’s luxurious prison cell has plasma TV, DVD collection in Paraguay

ASUNCION, Paraguay, Aug. 2 (UPI) — Paraguayan police raided a Brazilian drug lord’s prison cell near the capital city of Asuncion to find he lived in a luxurious, three-room cell fitted with a plasma television and library.

In 2009, Jarvis Chimenes Pavao was imprisoned in the Tacumbu prison near Asuncion where he was due to complete his money laundering sentence in 2017 — after which he would likely be extradited to Brazil. Police raided his cell after learning Pavao planned to escape by using explosives to blow a hole in the prison wall.

Pavao’s cell had air conditioning, comfortable furniture, a bathroom and a DVD collection which included a series about notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, police said.

An investigation has been launched by Paraguayan authorities to determine which officials allowed Pavao to live a life of luxury while imprisoned. After the raid, the interior of the cell was stripped of the affluent comforts and Pavao was transferred to a special prison cell unit.

There are more than 3,500 inmates held in the Tacumbu prison, which has a prison capacity of 1,687. Paraguayan state media reported the prison cell was renovated under the knowledge of prison authorities and a former minister of justice — who were not named.

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