Canadian girls rescue cat, kittens trapped in crawl space beneath home for five days

PENTICTON, British Columbia, Aug. 2 (UPI) — A pair of girls in Canada helped rescue a cat and her four kittens after a storm left them stranded in a crawl space for five days.

AlleyCATS Alliance shared photos of Summer the cat and her four kittens, which were rescued by 10-year-old Mackenzie Stevens and 11-year-old Isobel Schneider after they heard the mother feline’s cries from beneath a trailer.

“AlleyCATS Alliance was contacted about a cat who had her kittens under a porch but before a volunteer could go and collect them a severe storm drove the little family into hiding where they became trapped under a crawlspace,” AlleyCATS wrote. “No one gave up, hoping for a sighting…then Isobel and Mackenzie heard Summer’s cries and they ran for help.”

The CBC reported that the father of one of the girls’ friends soon removed a piece of plywood from the base of the trailer and produced the black and brown tabby cat, which they named Summer.

“She was really thin. You could feel her ribs when you pet her,” Schneider said.

Neighbor Laura Caskey was able to identify Summer as the mother of a litter of kittens born in her garden two weeks earlier and investigated the crawl space to find the four kittens the next day.

“I climbed under there with a flashlight and in a back corner behind a pillar I heard a meow,” she said. “There they were. The little black and white one with his little beady eyes was looking right at me. I just could not believe it.”

According to AlleyCATS, Stevens and her family plan to adopt Summer and her kittens.



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