3 dead at Hard Summer rave in Southern California

FONTANA, Calif., Aug. 1 (UPI) — Three people died at a large outdoor rave in Southern California over the weekend, the third year in a row people have died at the festival. The causes were not known.

The San Bernardino County coroner’s office identified Derek Lee, 22, of San Francisco, Alyssa Dominguez, 21, of San Diego, and Roxanne Ngo, 22, of Chino Hills as the three who died at the Hard Summer Music Festival.

Police are investigating the deaths individually. Neither drug overdoses nor heat have been ruled out as potential causes, police said.

Two college students died of drug overdoses at last year’s event, a popular electronic music festival, but despite the deaths, this year’s festival had record attendance.

The drug overdoses due to the use of Ecstacy and other club drugs at electronic dance music festivals has nagged such concerts across the country. At least 24 drug-related deaths have occurred at such shows since 2006.

About 325 arrests were made at the festival last year, Los Angeles County Sheriffs officials told KTLA TV, most of the arrests were drug related.

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