Shark circles Australian kayaker

EMU POINT, Australia, July 28 (UPI) — A man had a close encounter with a shark while kayaking in Australia as he waited to be rescued while it circled around his boat.

Ian Watkins shared GoPro footage which showed the shark’s fin briefly poking out of the water as he said it came to “say gidday” during his kayaking trip.

“The footage isn’t that good but it come up behind me and all I could hear was a wave,” Watkins wrote. “I looked to see a bloody big fin. It then pushed the back of the kayak around end then come up beside the kayak and pushed me sideways. It then stayed circling and going under back a forwards.”

Watkins can be heard speaking with fishery staff via walkie talkie as he waited for them to rescue him while the shark continued to swim around his boat.

Fishery staff were able to determine that the shark was a 5 meter long white pointer.

Watkins was not injured in the incident, although he admitted that the shark did give him a “bit of a scare.”

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