John Cena, Victoria Justice impersonate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at Teen Choice Awards

INGLEWOOD, Calif., Aug. 1 (UPI) — The 2016 Teen Choice Awards got political Sunday when hosts John Cena and Victoria Justice impersonated presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Introduced by comedian Keegan-Michael Key, who is known for his impersonations of President Barack Obama, the pair came out dressed as the political figures with Cena rocking a pink pantsuit as Clinton and Justice donning Trump’s signature business attire.

“I thought you would be bigger,” Key mentioned to Justice. “Look at me, I’m huge,” responded the actress, mocking the way the hotel mogul talks.

Soon the two would-be candidates turned to each other and sparred off in a war of words. “Nice pantsuit, its huge,” quipped Justice. “Nice, head-badger, its ridiculous,” the WWE Superstar replied.

The moment was aired as part of a partnership between The Teen Choice Awards and Rock the Vote in order to give teens the chance to vote for who they think should be the next president of the United States.

Viewers were encouraged to cast their votes online on the official Teen Choice Awards website or through Twitter with the hashtag #ChoicePresident. “We loved having “Hillary Clinton” and “Donald Trump” stop by! Don’t forget to vote for #ChoicePresident! #TeenChoice,” noted the Teen Choice Awards on Twitter alongside a gif of Cena and Justice waving to the audience as Trump and Clinton.

However, voting for candidates outside of Trump and Clinton was not allowed.

“You have to pick one of these two major candidates. There’s no write-ins, guys. I don’t want to see any of your Biebers, or your Swifts, or your Pokemons,” Key joked.

As the awards show came to a close, Clinton was declared the winner.

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