13 killed in twin car bombings near police headquarters in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia, July 31 (UPI) — Two car bombs were set off outside a police base in Somalia’s capital Sunday, killing 13.

Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack on the headquarters of the Somalia’s Criminal Investigation Department, Al Jazeera reported. The 13 fatalities included seven attackers along with a policeman, and five civilians.”

On Tuesday, 13 people were killed when two car bombs went off at the gate of the African Union’s main peacekeeper’s base.

Anadolu Agency reported most of the victims were civilian crossing the street when the bombs went off.

Abdul Kamil Mohamed Shoukri, spokesman of the Ministry of National Security, said five attackers tried to storm the building before the Somali police stopped them.

Al-Shabab’s military operations spokesman, Abdiasis Abu Musab, said one of its suicide bombers rammed a car bomb into the building’s gate.

Witness Mohamed Abdi told the DPA news agency: “I saw a vehicle [driving] into the gates of the Criminal Investigation Department at a high speed and then a huge blast went off.”

Al-Shabab movement, formed in 2004, is an armed movement intellectually linked to al-Qaida.

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