‘Cupcake’ the horse rescued from Colorado marsh

AURORA, Colo., July 29 (UPI) — Rescue crews in Colorado worked together to free a horse which had become stuck in mud after its owners rode it into a marsh.

South Metro Fire Rescue shared photos and video of the rescue to their Facebook page as they worked to pull Cupcake, the exhausted 13-year-old horse, out from the mud at Cherry Creek State Park.

“It was a life or death situation. That horse had to stand up or get a helicopter,” veterinarian Dale Rice told CBS Denver.

Crews said that Cupcake became exhausted and dehydrated as her owners went off trail before collapsing into the mud.

Rice administered an injection to give Cupcake the energy she needed to stand up and walk while rescue crews kept her head out of the water and attached harnesses to help her stand.

Following the dramatic rescue, Rice and the rescue crews determined that Cupcake did not suffer any serious injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

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