Colorado family find black bear closed inside their SUV

EVERGREEN, Colo., July 29 (UPI) — A Colorado couple woke up this week to a shocking discovery — a bear that had closed itself inside their SUV.

David and Shaylee Meurer said the bear was discovered about 8 a.m. Thursday, when David was getting ready for work at their Jefferson County home.

“This is the first time in my life that my husband woke me up saying that there’s a bear in his car,” Shaylee Meurer said in a video posted to YouTube.

The video shows a neighbor, Kevin John, open a door to the car and scare the bear away by loudly banging two pans together.

David Meurer said he found the situation “kind of cool” — at least, until he looked inside the SUV.

“Once I opened it and realized that this is what I was looking at, well, then I realized I hope my insurance covers it,” he told KUSA-TV.

“The top of it is completely caved in,” Shaylee Meurer told KDVR. “All the mirrors are broken. He tore the whole back panel off the door.”

The couple said it doesn’t appear that their insurance will cover the bear incident, as it is considered an “act of God.”

It was unclear whether the bear, which got into the vehicle by opening an unlocked door, may have been the same animal released from a vehicle earlier this month by deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

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