Want to dress like an Olympian? It’ll cost you

1:24 PM ET

In 2012, Ralph Lauren, the official supplier of uniforms for the U.S. Olympic team for the opening and closing ceremonies, was criticized for making the product in Asia.

The company changed its manufacturing process after being pressured to do so, making both the official athletes’ uniforms and the versions sold to consumers domestically. But because it’s harder to make margins work with higher labor costs in the U.S., items for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, were noticeably more expensive than they were just two years before.

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Team USA’s outfits for the opening ceremonies seemed to have been unleashed from the closets of country clubs.

Realizing that, Ralph Lauren made the items in smaller quantities but still wound up leaving money on the table. The sweater worn for the opening ceremonies in Russia sold out before the Games, even at a price of $595. One XL sweater sold on eBay for nearly $5,000.

Ralph Lauren unveiled the Rio opening ceremonies uniform and put it up for sale on Friday. So how much would it cost for you to buy everything?


Here’s the breakdown:

Wool blazer: $695
Shoes: $350
Jeans: $195
Wrist strap: $98
T-shirt: $89.50
Belt: $85

So if you want to wear everything the U.S. Olympic team is wearing, all of which was made in the U.S., you have to fork over plenty of money. And that doesn’t even include your underwear.

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