Australian beachgoers rescue stranded baby whale

QUEENSLAND, Australia, July 28 (UPI) — A group of beachgoers helped to rescue a stranded baby whale from a beach in Australia on Thursday afternoon.

Emma O’sullivan shared video of the rescue to Facebook as the baby humpback whale was pushed out to sea after becoming stranded on some nearby rocks.

“Wow what an afternoon! We saved a little baby whale stuck on the rocks in kingy!” O’sullivan wrote. “Go boys! What a team effort!”

Video shows the group of about a dozen impromptu rescuers attempting to push the injured baby whale off the rocks as its tail flailed helplessly out of the water.

Dylan Masarin, who was also present for the whale rescue commented that the disoriented baby’s mother was watching nearby as its child repeatedly beached itself on the rocks.

“We got it off the rocks twice but it kept swimming back and beaching it self,” he wrote. “Last image I have was swimming out after it making sure it didn’t turn toward the beach again and seeing it under water heading past me out toward it’s mum. Very special moment I’ve never been so close and it so clear.”

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