Woman killed after trying to rescue daughter from tiger at China drive-thru wildlife park

BEIJING, July 25 (UPI) — A woman was killed and her daughter was badly injured at a wildlife park in China after they got out of their vehicle and were attacked by a tiger, officials said Monday.

The women were among four visitors driving through Beijing’s Badaling Safari World on Saturday, where people are able to get close to wild animals.

News reports said the woman’s adult daughter got out of the car after a dispute broke out between her and her husband, who was driving. A nearby tiger attacked her almost immediately, prompting her mother to get out and try to rescue her.

Once the mother emerged, she was also attacked — and killed by the animal.

Park officials were able to rescue the woman’s daughter, and sent her to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The savage attack was captured on closed-circuit security cameras inside the park.

Visitors to the park are able to drive through the wildlife area, where they are in close vicinity to the animals, but are strictly advised not to get out of their vehicles due to the risk of attack.

It was not immediately clear what the dispute between the survivor and her husband was about. A family friend later denied the pair had been fighting.

Officials closed the wildlife park as authorities investigate the incident.

Saturday’s was not the first deadly animal attack at Badaling Safari World. A park ranger was also killed by a tiger there in 2014 and a park employee was killed by an elephant in March.

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