Pillow dummy fails to fool police in New York carpool lane

DIX HILLS, N.Y., July 25 (UPI) — Police in New York state shared a photo of a pillow-based dummy used by a driver to cheat her way into the carpool lane.

The Suffolk County Police Department said a 61-year-old woman was ticketed Thursday morning for not following the rules of the high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

The department said the woman was pulled over when an officer noticed her passenger was composed of a pillow wearing a vest and a baseball cap while holding a briefcase on its lap.

“We remind everyone, during the hours of 6-10 AM and 3-8 PM Monday through Friday, the HOV lane is reserved for buses, passenger vehicles with two or more HUMAN occupants, motorcycles and hybrid vehicles registered with the New York State Clean Pass program,” the department said in a Facebook post.

Officials said the woman was also ticketed for driving an unregistered and uninspected vehicle.


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