Pakistani man dismembered in honor killing

ISLAMABAD, July 20 (UPI) — A young Pakistani man was dismembered by five men in a so-called honor killing, police said.

Allah Ditta, 24, was repeatedly stabbed and mutilated by the men as he was on his way to meet the woman he was having an affair with in Islamabad’s Dera Ghazi Khan district, police Officer Ali Muhammad said. Both Ditta and the woman were married to other people.

Police said the men chopped of Ditta’s arms, lips and nose and left him to die, while taking the body parts.

Ditta and the woman had previously eloped, but elders intervened and she eventually returned to her husband.

Police are looking for two men related to the woman, Iqbal and Allah Divaya, and three other unidentified men.

The latest honor killing comes just days after model Qandeel Baloch was allegedly killed by her brother after appearing in what was deemed by family members as suggestive photos.

Of the more than 1,000 Pakistanis killed in honor-related killing this year, 88 have been men.

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