1 killed, 11 injured in Nuremberg explosion

NUREMBERG, Germany, July 24 (UPI) — At least one person has died and 12 injured after an explosion at a bar near Nuremberg, Germany, authorities said.

The explosion appears to have been set off deliberately using an “explosive device,” said Ansbach Mayor, Carda Seidel.

The alleged bomber was killed by the device, set off in or near Eugene’s Wine Bar, which is also near the entrance to a music festival in the town.

About 2,000 people at the festival have been evacuated. Of the 12 people injured, three are currently in serious condition.

Police have not identified the alleged bomber, but a security guard at the festival said a man with a backpack had been refused entry to the festival and was seen going to the bar where the explosion happened a few minutes later.

The incident does nothing to lower the tense mood after a string of violent attacks in the German State of Bavaria over the last week, which saw a teen open fire just outside a McDonalds in Munich, another teen with an ax attack passengers on a train in W├╝rzburg, and a man used a machete to kill a woman in Reutlingen.

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