Keke Palmer says months spent in NYC for ‘Cinderella’ led to ‘significant change’ in her

NEW YORK, July 23 (UPI) — Actress and recording artist Keke Palmer says the months she spent in New York, working on the stage musical Cinderella in 2014, turned out to be a life-altering experience.

“That was the most significant change I could tell in myself,” the 22-year-old star said at a recent New York press conference. “I’m so thankful that I used that time wisely because it really left me the opportunity to learn so much about myself. I used the opportunity of the discipline I had to have for Broadway to take time off from my phone and to really sit with myself and discover more ways to meditate and do yoga. And that was a really cool time for me. Even though my mom was there, she really gave me my space and she and I were transitioning into her seeing me also as an adult and respecting my boundaries. That was a really cool time and where I was able to say, ‘You’re making a jump, sister.'”

The star of TV’s True Jackson, VP, Scream Queens and Grease Live! lent her voice to the teen-age mammoth Peaches in 2012’s Ice Age: Continental Drift and she reprises the role in Ice Age: Collision Course, in theaters now.

Also featuring the vocal talents of Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Denis Leary and John Leguizamo, the fifth installment in the film franchise follows the iconic pre-historic creatures as they try to survive extinction from an impending asteroid collision with Earth just as Peaches is planning her wedding.


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