Whale bumps into paddle boarding flutist in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, July 19 (UPI) — A whale hopped out of the water and bumped into the board of a nearby paddle boarder at a bay in California.

Viviana Guzman captured video of the encounter as the humpback whale jumped out of the water in San Francisco’s Half Moon Bay and bumped into her board as she managed to remain upright.

Guzman, a 52-year-old flutist told NBC Bay Area that she believed the massive whale was more scared of her than she was of it.

“It just really caught me by surprise,” she said. “I do this all the time, but this one came just a little closer.”

Guzman added that she and her friend regularly take paddle boarding trips and she often brings her plastic flute out with her to play for the whales.

“I felt maybe they would like it,” she said of her paddle boarding performances. “It’s kinda fun.”

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