Kim Kardashian Slays In Leather Corset After Attempting (And Failing) To Slay Taylor Swift …

Posted on Wed Jul 20th, 2016 7:15am PDT       By X17 Staff

Not sure what slays more — Kim’s corset or our pix of Kim in her corset belt! The eyelashes! The corset! The up-do! The capri leggings! Slay, bitch!

And by bitch, we DO mean bitch — this bitch entered the fray when she posted the video of hubby Kanye West’s phone call with Taylor Swift in which he supposedly asked her permission to include her name in his “Famous” lyrics, but kinda left out some important parts …

Anywho, she and her bitchy sister Khloe, who attacked actress Chloe Moretz for criticizing Kim’s posting of the video on Snapchat, paid a visit to Milk Studios in LA, on Tuesday, both looking abfab! Kim wore tight black capri leggings, a vintage Metallica concert t-shirt by Fear of God belted with a leather corset, her hair in an up-do, minimal makeup and simple black heels.

The Kardashian Klan is suffering a bit of fallout after their defense of Kanye’s lyrics and Taylor’s public criticism of the song. In fact, 57% of our readers think Kim should NOT have released the video of Kanye and Taylor’s convo and 66% of you think Taylor is RIGHT in this whole thing. Looks like America’s Sweetheart wins again!

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