Chris Christie slams Clinton for decisions as secretary of state

CLEVELAND, July 19 (UPI) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie offered an incisive takedown of Democrat Hillary Clinton for decisions she made as secretary of state, repeatedly proclaiming her “guilty” of failing the country at home and abroad.

Christie criticized Clinton’s “extraordinarily dangerous lack of judgment” on a multitude of topics, including her advocacy for the overthrow of Libyan President Moamar Ghadaffi, the kidnapping of 200 schoolgirls by Nigerian terrorists, advocating the purchase of more American debt by China, her past support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Iran nuclear deal and her use of a private email server.

On the latter topic, he charged Clinton “cared more about protecting her own secrets than our national security secrets.”

After laying out the “facts” in each instance, Christie asked delegates in Quicken Loans Arena to render their “verdict” with the audience shouting “guilty!” in response each time.

Frequently, delegates broke out into chants of “lock her up!”

“Her focus-group tested persona … is a sham,” Christie proclaimed.

Christie concluded: “We know what four years of Hillary Clinton will bring, all the failure of the Obama years, but with less charm and more lies.”


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