Victoria Beckham Slays With Her Sexy Travel Style

Posted on Sun Jul 17th, 2016 8:43am PDT       By X17 Staff

Victoria Beckham was always our favorite Spice Girl (who cares if she didn’t really sing that much?), and she continues to be one of the best dressed ladies around. Seriously, who looks this fantastic after spending several hours on a stuffy plane? Posh forever!

On Saturday afternoon Victoria rolled through Los Angeles International Airport after hopping off a flight from Canada, and she rocked a gray tweed suit with black accessories. Last week the star posted an adorable photo smooching her daughter Harper, who turned five, but apparently the internet had mixed feelings about it. What?! Since Victoria was kissing Harper on the lips, people got up in arms about it, but she also had plenty of defenders.

One Instagram user wrote, “the fact that Victoria Beckham is getting backlash for kissing her daughter on the lips is so worrying.” Another added, “Unbelievable that people are making a massive deal about Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter, she’s her mother, grow up.”

What’s your take on that?

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