Concave mirror causes fire in outdoor shower

PLEASANT LAKE, Mass., July 15 (UPI) — Firefighters in Massachusetts determined that a concave mirror was responsible for sparking a fire in an outdoor shower.

Harwich Fire Department shared photos of the aftermath of the fire, which had burned the exterior wall of a Pleasant Lake home after originating in a shower outside the property.

“The fire was still smoldering but was quickly extinguished and there was no extension to the rest of the house,” they wrote.

Once the fire was extinguished Harwich Fire Chief Clarke was able to determine that the fire originated when the sun interacted with a concave mirror that had been placed in the shower.

“The cause of the fire was determined to be a concave mirror in the shower,” the department wrote. “A phenomenon that usually occurs in the early spring when the sun is low, the mirror magnifies the sun and can set fire to the shower or the house.”

While the department admitted that removing any mirrors from outdoor showers would help solve the problem, they stated that making sure the concave side is facing away from the sun “should do the trick.”

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