U.K. dog adopts orphaned baby bird

KENT, England, July 14 (UPI) — A U.K. woman and her dog developed an unusual bond with an orphaned bird after it fell out of a tree into their garden.

Jurgita Peciulaityte chronicles the loving relationship between her boxer Rusty and the bird she’s nicknamed “Birdie” on the Facebook page Rusty The Gentle Giant.

Peciulaityte told Kent Online that “the pair have become inseparable” since Rusty discovered the bird while she was in her woodworking shop.

“I heard him barking excitedly, like he had found a cat, and discovered he was looking at this little bird which had fallen out of its nest,” she said. “As soon as I approached, the bird opened its beak so I found some earthworms which it gobbled down.”

Peciulaityte told The Dodo that she has taken several measures to keep the bird alive including feeding it worms and building a makeshift indoor nest, but the bird prefers Rusty’s company.

“They’re very comfortable around each other,” she said. “I’ll pick him up, but the bird always flies back to Rusty.”

The dog and bird have been together for about nine days, as Peciulaityte and Rusty have begun attempting to teach the bird how to fly.

“We practice going outside, perching up on different things and a bit more flying,” she wrote in a Facebook update. “Hope that Birdie will memorise the route to our porch and if he needs food after leaving he will find some in there, left special for him.”

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