Kanye West Gets Down To Business At The Studio

Posted on Fri Jul 15th, 2016 7:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

Work work work work work…

Kanye West arrived at his clothing studio in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, and before he even walked in the door he was already in business mode, yabbering away on his headset.

While Yeezy is making moves in fashion and music, one area he might want to stay away from is politics. Well, this according to 50 Cent. The rapper appeared on Conan on Wednesday and chatted about the upcoming election — and threw a jab at both Kanye and Donald Trump.

“I like the idea of him running,” Jackson said of Kanye running for president in 2020. “That’s a lot of responsibility. It’s the same thing with Trump.” Conan responded, “There’s really no difference between Kanye running or Trump running is what you’re pretty much saying?” to which the rapper responded, “I am saying that.” LOL!

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