French politicians sound a defeatist note in the nation’s war on terror

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and other French politicians appear to be sounding a defeatist note in France’s war against terror.

Senator Nathalie Goulet called the Islamist massacre a “nightmare,” and added, “The question is: are we able to prevent it. And my answer would be, unfortunately no.”

This, from a leading French politician in charge of the country’s Foreign Affairs and security Committee.

Even worse was the extraordinary choice of words by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who said that France must “learn to live with terrorism”.

Unfortunately, there are 84 people in Nice who did not get that opportunity. The parents of 10 slaughtered children must be stunned to hear such weakness from France’s national leaders.

Wahhabbist terror attacks have swept across continental Europe since Angela Merkel invited Syrian “refugees,” mostly single males of fighting age, to the continent. Simplistic analyses that found some recent attackers, like those in Belgium, were ‘home-grown’ ignore the effect of radicalisation of existing young Muslim men by a wave of Wahhabist, Isis-sympathising entrants.

During the Brexit referendum for the United Kingdom to extricate itself from the European Union, the Remain side often touted intelligence sharing among the EU countries as one of the benefits of staying in the Union. They never mentioned that such sharing will continue regardless of whether UK is in or out, and now we have systematic evidence that the terrorists are not only not being prosecuted on the continent but are actually being appeased.

Last week it was revealed that a series of rapes and sexual assaults in Cologne on New Years’ Eve by Muslim men had been wildly underreported and suppressed by the German government and police. There were in fact thousands, not hundreds, of sexual assaults, of victims and of perpetrators.

Hand-wringing over Islamist slaughter by France’s Prime Minister will not go down well in that grief-stricken nation. The United Kingdom and Israel, two countries who faced periods of sustained terror attacks  – Britain from the IRA and Israel from Palestinian terror groups  – never told their populations they would have to “live with” [sic] it.

A world praying for France will soon look at the political effects of sustained massacres and the French socialist government’s apparent appeasement. Marine Le Pen, leader of the hard-right Front Nationale party, has called for her nation to “Frexit” the EU. Given the ludicrous open-border Schengen policy within the EU, Le Pen is likely to benefit further in forthcoming French elections. Austria too may receive a hard-right President who has demanded an end to the EU migrant policy, and stated that Austria will not stomach further Wahhabist migrants imposed on them by Angela Merkel’s disaster. Norbert Hofer narrowly lost the second round of the Presidential election there earlier this year, but after widespread miscounting of votes, Austria’s Supreme Court disallowed the result and Hofer will get another chance in October, when the election is re-run. It is conceivable that the weak-willed response to the slaughter in Nice makes a Frexit and an Ausexit more likely.

It is being reported that the author of the foul killing in Nice is a migrant, born in Tunisia. The shameful surrender conjured up by Prime Minister Valls’ comments will do nothing to stem the rise of the far right in continental Europe. If mainstream politicians refuse to protect the populace, hide the extent of Islamist rapes and crimes and continue the hated migrant policy, it is unsurprising that the besieged people of Europe turn to more or less any politician who appears to have the will to protect them and strike back at the hideous ideology that mows down 84 children and adults on France’s national day of celebration.

On the original Bastille Day, the cry – embodied in the French national anthem – was “Aux armes, citoyens!” After the Nice Bastille Day massacre, has it become “You must learn to live with terrorism”? Do not be surprised if the French electorate decide to say ‘non.’

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