Andre Iguodala: Thunder were the best team in the playoffs

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Warriors forward Andre Iguodala says the Thunder were the best team in the playoffs last season.

In a Thursday interview on The Breakfast Club, Iguodala discussed the playoffs, crediting the Cavaliers but also adding the caveat that they weren’t the best team the Warriors saw in the postseason.

“Now that we got [Kevin Durant] I can say it,” Iguodala said. “The Thunder were the best team in the playoffs. They were better than us, they were better than Cleveland. They should have won a championship. They played us better than anyone. They had our number.”

The unlikely assist that brought Kevin Durant to the Warriors

The Thunder held a 3–1 lead on the Warriors in the Western Conference finals and nearly completed the job before the series slipped away from them. The Warriors took a 3–1 lead of their own in the Finals against the Cavs before Cleveland completed a historic comeback.

Thunder star Kevin Durant opted to sign with the Warriors in the off-season.


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